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Who drives through on the water route Echtenerbrug, would like to the friesischen sea-plate or after Overijssel. That contemplative village is for water sportsmen quasi a link between the two provinces.

In the village one finds a supermarket and different special firms. Opposite Echtenerbrug Delfstrahuizen with further purchase possibilities and restaurants is directly because of the water. Beautiful couch places at the jetty Christiaansloot. Objects of interest: Pictorial local through traffic.

EchternerbrugDuetglider 1500 AK, WATERRAAF in Echternerbrug

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Crew Yachtcharter LeeuwardenYacht Charter Leeuwarden - Echtenerbrug, nice motor boat routes on the frisian inland waterways. Our motor barges, tjalks and cruisers all have an extremely low vertical clearance. This means that, in addition to the more popular water sports locations, you can also seek out the rest and relaxation of the countryside and discover the "real Friesland". Visit the many villages and towns along your route and experience the friendly atmosphere of local shops, fine restaurants and welcoming pubs in Friesland, with a narrow boat hire by Yachtcharter Leeuwarden. Echtenerbrug.

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