Shortweek Friesland North

Shortweek sailing Friesland North : Berlikum - Dokkum - Grou - Leeuwarden

Kurzwoche Friesland Nord
Monday 14.00 h till Friday 9.00 h

Journey time per day: 4/6 hours
Length: ca. 130 km

Where to stay :
1. Berlikum
2. Dokkum
3. Grou
4. Yachtcharter Leeuwarden
After the briefing on Monday afternoon you will leave our harbor and sail first some miles on the Van Harinxmakanal, here you can get in touch on this wide canal a little with your rented ship. When you reach channel kilometer 22, turn north into the "Kleiroute" and reach Berlikum, the first place to stay.
Kurzwoche Friesland NordSimmerskip 950 OK*cruise AALTJE, photographed from Aventura 34 AK EVA at the Bulwark in Dokkum

The following day it goes by Bartlehiem to Dokkum (This last section of the Elevencities route was opened in June 2013 after many adaptations of the waterway for boats with max. 2.40 m headroom and 1.30 meters draft). Tip: In Dokkum They are especially beautiful places to stay the night at the Bulwark among the windmills.
The next day you go along the magnificent Lits Lauwersmeeroute southwards to Grou. Beautiful berths behind the hostel in Grou...

On Thursday, first a little southwards to Sneek then on the Sneeker Trek Vaart and in the evening you are back in back in our harbor.