Frieslandroute 1 week Berlikum - Franeker - Bolsward - Sloten - Sneek - Grou - Eernewoude - Dokkum

1 Week
Friday 14.00 h till Friday 9.00 h
Monday 14.00 h till Monday 9.00 h

Journey time per day: 4/6 hours
Length: ca. 190 km
Where to stay :
1. Berlikum
2. Bolsward
3. Sloten
4. Sneek
5. Grou of Eernewoude
6. Dokkum
7. Yachtcharter Leeuwarden
The Friesland route is a very varied route, the traveling by boat on wide waters, narrow canals and rivers, inland lakes, past lovely, welcoming villages and towns such as Dokkum, the most northern city in the Netherlands, or Sloten, the smallest town in the province of Friesland.
After a short, manageable pieces Van Harinxmakanal (here you can get used to the wider waters of the boat) turn into the "Kleiroute" and reach via Menaldum the small town Berlikum the first night.
Frieslandroute Aventura 34 AK EVA in Birdaard

For who the cruise Sloten by Eernewoude is too long, can alternatively stay in Grou, a water sports place with a special flair. Nature lovers may prefer to search on a Marrekrite berth in the nature reserve 'De Alde Feanen ".
About Dokkum you drive back towards Leeuwarden, either through the city on Prinsentuin in the center of town over, or select the bypass, with our low models, both trips are possible. The last evening you spent in our cozy harbor, here in the middle of a residential area in the south of Leeuwarden.
This route is very well suited for beginners. Initially you go on the wider waters, there are no locks on the go. With each day you expand your experience and to the extent evolve, the requirements of the course.
Simmerskip 1200 AK, PASSAAT, before departure in our marina Simmerskip 1200 AK, PASSAAT, before departure in our marina