Friesland - Groningen II

1 week cruising in the provincies Friesland and Groningen: Leeuwarden - Dokkum - Zoutkamp - Groningen - Oostermeer (Eastermar) - Joure - Leeuwarden

Vertical clearance  3.60
Monday 14.00 h till Monday 9.00 h or Friday 14.00 h till Friday 9.00 h, Driving time per day: 4/6 hours, Length: ca. 220 km

Friesland-GroningenOne week boating vacation in Friesland and Groningen

Where to stay the night:

1. Leeuwarden

2. Dokkum

3. Zoutkamp

4. Groningen

5. Oostermeer (Eastermar)

6. Joure

7. Yachtcharter L'warden
After the briefing on Friday afternoon or on Monday afternoon you will leave our harbor at "De Nauwe Greuns" in Leeuwarden, your first sail a little on the Van Harinxmakanaal, here you can get in touch on this wide canal with the boat.
At channel km 24 you leave the Van Harinxmakanal and take the "Harlinger Vaart" towards the center of Leeuwarden. After several bridges you reach the Prinsentuin, where you can spend in a beautiful park the first night. The center of Leeuwarden there are a few minutes walk.

Friesland-Groningen-Route Simmerskip 950 OK*cruise, AALTJE in Dokkum at the "Bolwerk"

On next day, take the "Dokkumer Ie" by Bartlehiem and Birdaard to Dokkum. Tip: In Dokkum you can stay the night especially beautiful at the Bulwark among the windmills.

Via Dokkumer Nieuwe Zijlen and the Lauwersmeer (a nature reserve) you reach Zoutkamp, a former seaport for the third night.

About the Reitdiep through beautiful narrow waters you reach Groningen, the capital of the province. In this student city there is plenty to do and to see, the fourth place for the night. The following day is the destination Oostermeer (Eastermar, fr.), with around 1,600 inhabitants, it is a contrast program to Groningen. At the river Lits, it offers a cozy marina, shops and a large water play area for children.
A little bit on the Prinses Margriet Canal direction south into the former peat mining area "De Alde Feanen" a varied route, then further southwards until you reach Joure, here you will spend the fifth night.

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