Friesland trip with bridge clearance 4.20 meters

1 week boat vacation in Friesland: Grou - Joure - Lemmer - Stavoren - Makkum - Sneek - Eernewoude - Leeuwarden

Visit the classic water sports destinations in Friesland in one week

Doortvaarthoogte  4.20
Monday 14.00 h till Monday 9.00 h or Friday 14.00 h till Friday 9.00 h, Driving time per day: 4/6 hours, Length: ca. 200 km

Frieslandroute 4.20 meterFrieslandtrip for boats with Vertical clearance 4.20 Meter

Where to stay the night :

1. Grou

2. Joure

3. Lemmer

4. Stavoren
5. Makkum

6. Sneek

7. Yachtcharter L'warden
After the briefing on Friday afternoon or on Monday afternoon you will leave our harbor at "De Nauwe Greuns" in Leeuwarden, your first sail a little on the Van Harinxmakanaal, here you can get in touch on this wide canal with the boat.
The journey leads in southern direction, following the "Standing Mast Route" to Grou. After about 1.5 hours sailing you reach this convivial watersportvillage for the first night.

Frieslandroute Simmerskip 1200 AK, PASSAAT on tour (Guestphoto)

The following day the trip goes via Akkrum and small waters to Joure (Douwe Egberts coffee roasting). Stay the night in the well-kept marina near the center.

Along two small lakes (Langwarden Wielen, Tjeukemeer)the route runs southwards to Lemmer, a dreamy harbor on the IJsselmeer. Just before the big lock turn towards the center and take a berth.

For the next day Stavoren is our destination. On the way you pass Sloten (the smallest town in Friesland) and Woudsend, both places invite you to have a break (for Koffie or Patat).
The next stage destination is Makkum, the third Ijsselmeer port on our route, via the Heegermeer past Workum, then on the Workumer TrekVaart, we proceed towards the north to spend in Makkum (centrally in place) the fifth night.

Simmerskip 1200 AK, PASSAAT voor de brug Oosthem Simmerskip 1200 AK, PASSAAT in front of the bridge Oosthem (Guestphoto)

From Makkum the route leads us through small, curvaceous waters, past Bolsward and IJlst to reach Sneek. Stay the night in between the three bridge you have to pass, in the center of the town, close to shops, restaurants, ...
Last day it leads direction north, on the Sneekermeer, past Grou with a trip around the nature reserve "Alde Feanen" back to our base, where you spend the last night of your cruise.

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