Less or no experience ? Tip: Book a driving course ...

Enjoy your boating holiday from day one, book a skipper training too ...

A navigation license is not required for our yachts. From our view this is also possible for beginners after a short briefing usually without problems.
Experiences of the last years show however the fact that particularly beginners and guests with little experience with boats go through some strenuous situations like manoeuvres before bridges or in narrow ports and while mooring the boat.
For this reason we developed a concept for two and four-hours courses. You train 2 - 4 hours or if desired also a whole day under guidance of a professional Skippers the control of your rented ship in different situations, also you train mooring manoeuvres with the crew.
We think, that by this way your watersportholiday will be much more relaxed.

Our advise:

2 hours course - suitable for all, already with some experience, and want to refurbish it

4 hours course - suitable for beginners and people with less experience

Day course - suitable for beginners, very detailled theoretically/practice course

Fahrkurse bei Yachtcharter Leeuwarden

Prices skipper training :

2 hours course = 90,00 Euro

4 hours course = 150,00 Euro

Day course = 235,00 Euro

You can order the course online while reservation or round about 3 weeks before your holiday starts by phone or by mail.

SkippertrainingSkippertraining on Simmerskip 950 OK*cruise, AALTJE

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