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De crew: van links naar rechts Fritz, Greta en Sytze The crew: from left to right Fritz, Greta and Sytze The management of Yachtcharter Leeuwarden is in the hands of Sytze, seiner Frau Greta und Fritz.
Leeuwarden is centrally located in Friesland and is an excellent starting port for boating holidays in Friesland.
Our operating base in the south of Leeuwarden is very easy to reach by car, by boat as well as by public transport.

Our company is a member of Hiswa, which means that you can expect the service and warranty of this nationwide water sports industry organization.

On our premises, the Water Sports Centre Leeuwarden, we have an own travel lift up to 32 tons, repair halls, a large port and a secure, gated parking for your car while your boating vacation.

Yachtcharter Leeuwarden Gillissen Vlet 950, Vlieter back from the trip busy with parking in our harbor

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Crew Yachtcharter LeeuwardenBarges Holland Friesland, Europe, Netherlands Yacht Charter Leeuwarden rents out classic style sailing vessel for max. 12 guests. With our sailing barge, you discover the "real Friesland". For all this boats is no navigation licence needed .Parties with sufficient sailing experience can set off on a short or long holiday with one of our traditional Lemsteraak yachts which can be chartered without on-board crew for sailing journeys on the IJsselmeer. Watersport Twee Provinciën winter storage for boats (even inside). Maintenance hangar, repair, maintenance, servicing, boat parking, cranes, 32-ton crane, paint, colors, technical support, Leeuwarden.

Yachtcharter Leeuwarden