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Akkrum is a village near a small river connected with the most important lakes in Friesland. Akkrum is a part of the municipality Boarnsterhim. That is a small area in the middle of Friesland were the nature, with a lot off sightseeing and a lot of culture, wich you can also see in the many musea there are.
Before the offical Frisian Championship Mastclimbing we play a typical traditional game. In the top off the mast there are all kind off small prices hanging in a sort off wheel. We are helping the people who cannot climb throug drop down the wheel. Especially for small children is this fun, because they get also a price.

Akkrum located at the beginning of the known Torfroute, making it an excellent starting point for a beautiful route. The name Akkrum is the first time in 1350 on record (Ackrom).

The population at that time lived from breeding, fishing, trade and crafts. Because of the unique location of roads, waterways and along the railway line (built in 1868) flourished on industry and trade. Akkrum is because of this privileged position today a renowned tourist resort.

AkkrumDuetglider 1500 AK, WATERRAAF in Akkrum (Guestphoto)

The Nederlands Hervormde Church (Reformed) at the Dringelstrjitte 13 dates from the year 1759. In the church there is a very nice built by P. van Oeckelen son and organ (1856) and a master database from the 17th century.

In the sanctuary, which dates from 1761, there are four very beautiful stained glass windows made by brothers Gonggrijp from Sneek. Under the floor there are grave stones of some noble families from the 16th and 17th centuries and a grave discovered in 1967 Keller (11 skeletons).

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