Boating holiday with Yachtcharter Leeuwarden and the Corona measures

Information about your booking and measures of our company regarding the Coronavirus COVID-19 - UPDATE 23-11-20

Now in the winter half year we do not publish here any news about the corona measures. Please inform yourself on the corresponding websites of the countries. Due to frequent questions regarding our handling of trips that cannot be carried out due to the current corona measures, we outline our practice this season here. Should corona-related restrictions occur again next year, we will act exactly as we did this year.

Covid 19 Netherlands:

How do we deal with corona-related cancellations?

Our approach to corona measures in the 2020 season was as follows:
. If traveling could not take place as planned, we offered our guests three different possibilities:

1. to postpone the contract to the next year, we will then have issued a voucher for all the money (paid on account)
2. if a new date was already known, we postponed the contract to the next year and simply changed the date. (Payments see above)
3. we cancelled the contract and remitted 100% of the (pre)paid money.
We will continue to practice this approach in the 2021 season.
So you can book (again) with us for the following year in a relaxed and familiar manner ...

Corona compliant Corona compliant on tour with the PASSAAT in Dokkum in September 2020