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Zwartsluis In existence since the 80 Year War (1568-1648), the town developed around Fortress Swartersluys which controlled traffic on the Zwarte Water inlet leading to Hasselt and Zwolle. Zwartsluis attracted some trade and a fishing fleet in later centuries.
Zwartsluis also served as consolidation point for the peat-fuel trade (turf), but was surpassed in importance by its neighbors, especially downstream Genemuiden. As a municipality Zwartsluis came about in the 18th century when parts of the Vollenhove district and the community of Hasselterkerspel were combined.

ZwartsluisBridge at Zwartrsluis
Present day: The town is home to many recreational boats, as well as a heritage fleet of fishing and cargo vessels. The municipality includes the communities of De Velde, Baarlo and Zwartewatersklooster. The Arembergergracht links the town with the Beulakker and Belter lakes and a multitude of smaller bodies of water just north, created by peat digging.

Main attraction: The lakes and wetlands district and the recreational sailing. Other features: Nature Museum Schoonewelle; 16th century reformed church; 17th century orphanage.

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