Wergea - Warga

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This pictorial village in the proximity of Leeuwarden is admits by the book "Afke's Tiental" by Nynke van Hichtum and built due to its museum "Ald Slot", in the year 1787 on the remainders of a castle.
In the museum "Ald Slot" find you furnished to room, in the style 17th, 18-ten and 19-ten century. In the center of Wergea to eat at the bridge you find the Cafi of "country Welvaren", a cosy Cafi around a little thing or a round billard to play.

Simmerskip 1200 AK, PASSAAT, onderweg richting WergeaSimmerskip 1200 AK, PASSAAT, onderweg direction Wergea

Wergea - Warga weergeven op een grotere kaart

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