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Many type of wetland you will find in the Weerribbben. The March landscape that derives its character largely from the peat formation and peat digging. The drainage en recleamation of land have resulted in a great variety of habitats. Open water, reedbeds, hay meadows, rough ground and bog forest give now a great diversity of life that's characteristic of the lowland marshes.

About 1.000,000 visitor visted the Weerribben. Special guided routes guarantee that visitors are carefully directed through the reserve.Zoning is the most importort to maintain high quality natural features. The Nature Activity Centre give informatie and a overview of what is available in the area.

De Weerribben

In 1986, the Weerribben nature reserve was designated as a National Park in development, and was subsequently granted the full status of National Park in 1992. The Weerribben National Park measures approximately 3,500 hectares (35 square km) and is largely owned and managed by the Dutch Forestry Commission.

National Parks receive special attention because of their unique natural value; more nature conservancy, nature development and protection are provided, and additional funds are made available for nature recreation, information and education, and scientific research.

De Weerribben

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