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Terherne (Dutch: Terhorne), village in the municipality of Boarnsterhim, Fryslbn, it used to be in the former municipality of Utingeradeel. Contrary to developments elsewhere in Boarnsterhim Terherne managed to become a quite florishing community with an ever increasing number of inhabitants, who benefit from the nice position of Terherne in the Frisian Lakes region, and of course the students of the student society "Bernlef" in Groningen, who had an illegal movie "De Fryske Kameleon" made here - the owners of the copyright of the Kameleon-books are gonna sue them shortly...

During winter the villagers amused themselves by "keatsjen" (Dutch: kootschieten), the principal element of which were the "keatten" (koten = cow's knuckle-bones) - it was played on frozen ditches and canals.

Terherne is widely known as Kameleondorp (Chameleon Village), where the twins Hielke and Sietse Klinkhamer from the Chameleon book series go on exciting maritime adventures in their boat, the Chameleon.


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