Ossenzijl - nature area "De Weerribben"

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Ossenzijl owes its names of the family Osse. This received permission an air-lock (Zijl) to build and tariffs raise. In the meantime there is not this air-lock any longer. However the scour in such a way specified with the bridge reminds still of it.

The small place has an excellent infrastructure for the water haven. In addition Ossenzijl is starting point for singular boat routes. Skipper of engine yachts estimate also the romantic route over the Kalenbergergracht.


Worth seeing the nature area "De Weerribben", one of the largest connected moorland landscapes of Northern Europe. Fauna and Flora are singular and the area are at the same time breeding place for rare water birds. Since "De Weerribben" under nature protection feels even the Fischotter was placed again domestic, because these almost did not find one in Overijssel over decades.

Who guessed more over moorland, peat and to know would like visits the "Natuuractiviteitscentrum De Weerribben". It lies with the yachting port. Here to the visitors much information is ordered and besides in descriptive way shown, how cumbersomely in former times the life was in the moorland. Dia. and film demonstrations round the schau off in meaningful way.

Ossenzijl weergeven op een grotere kaart

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