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Many years ago Egbert Douwes started a company in colonial goods. This company expanded to the present international concern Douwe Egberts. The ground floor in the "Museum Joure" is dedicated to the coffee, tea and tobacco trade. In the museum shop "De Witte Os" (the White Ox) in the "Midstraat" coffee, tea, snuff and sweets are sold in old-fashioned packing materials. However, "Museum Joure"has more to offer than only coffee. For instance, the museum owns an original clockmaker" shop, a goldsmithery and a silversmithery. From times immemorial there have been clockmakers, goldsmiths and silversmiths in Joure.

Jachthaven JoureGillissenvlet VLIETER moored in marina Joure (Guestphoto)
Joure is also by numerous events known, for example:. Flowers market (Queen's Day - April 30th), vintage car event Vroem (June), Frisian Balloon Festival (July), Boerenbruiloft (Peasant Wedding - July), World Championship Solexraces (Saturday in September) "Fierljepwettbewerbe" (can not translate one that must be experienced) and the markets in the summer.

Belfries in the village, there are 12 bells chairs, next to Joure in Broek and Snikzwaag. A walk through Joure worth getting, especially for lovers of historic buildings.

Hervormde kerk The tower dates from 1628 in the first floor is a court room here was to 1698 rights spoken. The top of the tower is a carillon with 37 bells hanging. This Protestant church (1614) is in the Midstraat 67th

Roman Catholic Church
A built in the style of a basilica church. Inside, among others a beautiful pulpit, altar, baptismal font and lattice works of art blacksmith Gerard bromine. Midstraat 108th Doopsgezinde Kerk (Mennonite Church) This monumental church (1824) is a bit hidden in the middle of the shopping street. 1858, the church got a Van Dam - Organ. The entire building is restored. Penn Inga's moles In 1695 built in Westzaan for Jan Claasz Cleij as paper mill, rebuilt in 1819 for Shellers. With an overall height of 33 m is Penn Inga's moles the largest grain mill in Friesland and one of the largest mills in the Netherlands. With sufficient wind conditions wheat is milled. Molenweg 65th Griene moles A one mill (ca. 1800), a so-called. Spinnekopmuhle, the Groene Dijk 7, near the port of passers Joure.
Museum Joure
Coffee, tea and tobacco history, art exhibitions, nature museum, workers cottage from the 18th century, Frisian clocks, copper foundry and museum shop "de Witte Os".

Joure is definitely worth a visit during your boating holiday in Holland.

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