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Heerenveen was created 1551 from three counts to the peat digging. The name is derived from the words army (= Mr., count) and veen (= Fehn, peat). Heerenveen never received municipal rights.

Starting from 1700 the suburb Oranjewoud, which lies in the midst of a small forest area, was popular with the realms of the province. In addition of the governor Frieslands lively, who let a countryseat put on even, also they built manor-houses. These now are as luxury hotel or hospitals in use.

In order to improve 1880 were very much endeavored the socialist Ferdinand Domela Nieuwenhuis, the situation of the workers of the region. A small museum is dedicated to him in Heerenveen.

HeerenveenOn the way direction Heerenveen (Guestphoto)
An attendance of the purchase passage, the pedestrian precinct in Heerenveen is worthwhile itself, beside many small and also larger business is here also Cafe's with Terasse. Here one can ease with a cup "Koffie verkeert" from the Shoppen.

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