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Water sport village, vacation homes, boat rental business, buying and strolling go. In Heeg the whole year which is the matter. It has an ideal situation at the Heegermeer and at the numerous rivers.

Once it was an old fishing village which to a water haven village later developed. Particularly for bicycle drivers and nature lovers Heeg lies particularly central in ZW. Friesland. The vacation homes (usually direct been because of the water), the modern camping sites, the group dwellings, the hotels and pensions particularly offer in the summer sufficient place for the numerous holiday-makers.

Heeg make the cosy pedestrian precinct with the different restaurants what it wants to be gladly: A water haven village with certain the something for everyone.
Although the water haven with large enthusiasm is operated, Heeg is a good starting point for camping guests and Bungalowmieter by south Friesland. Heeg is well attainable: Only 1 ½ hours of travel removes from Randstadt (densely populated area in the west of the Netherlands).

HeegHeeg (Guestphoto)

Heeg is coated of a charm, in addition it is distant 2 hours for only from the Ijsselmeer and is in the proximity of the 2nd friesischen city Sneek (10 km).

There is there also many other ancient places and a particularly famous city tour through particularly admitted friesische city it consists of Jist, Sloten, Hindeloopen, Stavoren, Workum and Bolsward. In order to become fair the requirements, Heeg does not only offer a sufficient offer for water sportsmen, but also auto and bicycle drivers come here fully at their expense. Creation within the new Passantenhafens or other yachting port, it gives good sanitary plants and it is there very beautiful.

Heeg weergeven op een grotere kaart

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