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Grouw's official Frisian name is Grou, a "vlek" in Boarnsterhim municipality, Fryslan. It used to be the seat of the former municipality of Idaarderadeel. Grou is the center of watersports south of Leeuwarden, with a railway station on the line Leeuwarden - Heerenveen.
In the 19th century the brothers Eeltsje and Joast Halbertsma lived here, poets, who are considered as the fathers of the Frisian cultural revival. While the rest of the Netherlands celebrate "Sinterklaas" on 5 Dec, Grou (together with Ameland) celebrates Sint Pieter on 22 Feb - it involves kids getting present, etc ...

GrouGrou (Guestphoto)

Grou is often regarded as the cradle of Frisian culture. The brothers Halbertsma who were born and raised here were, namely crucial for the cultural development of the Frisian language.

Once for Grou is the Sint Piterfest. Instead of ushering in the collection of Sint Nicolaas (Saint Nicholas) festive, celebrate the inhabitants of Grou every year on the Saturday before February 21, the collection Sint Piters. Sint Piter has been called after the apostle Peter, the protector of fishermen and sailors.

The Sint Piterkirche at the Kerkstraat in the center of Grou, built in the 12th century in the Romanesque style. The typical gable roof tower dates from later times. In the church there are two so-called Mr Banks and Van Dam-organ from 1853. At the church fence are the grave stones of two brothers Eeltje and Tjalling Halbertsma, in Friesland as a poet / writer well known.

Grou (Guestphoto)

The Town Hall (1942) on Stationsweg 1, is by architect AJ Kropholler designed. In this building there are stained glass windows, Frisian Proverbs, symbolic representations and sculptures of Tjipke Visser. Monument of World War II to the town hall.
Museum "De Trije Gritenijen" Stationsweg 1, down in the town hall, this museum contains a collection of porcelain and silver, a Halbertsma collection, a presentation of the images in 18 villages of the municipality Boarnsterhim and temporary exhibitions.
Mineralogical Museum, Leechlan 22, between Grou and wait. In this museum you will receive thousands of sparkling crystal groups in many beautiful colors. In about fifty showcases diamonds, rubies, emeralds, opals, gold and rare minerals are issued.

Havens in Grouw - Friesland weergeven op een grotere kaart

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