Franeker is one of the most beautiful medieval cities Frieslands, western of 15 km of Leeuwarden at Van Harinxmakanal. On a walk by this former university town one discovers numerous traces of the past gloss of the city. In the city center he comes in the stately old buildings, like the city hall and the former orphanage, to the expression. In the garden of the Martenahuis, long years seat of municipal authorities, the interested visitor finds the rare Stinsenflora in the spring.

Grotere kaart haven Franeker weergeven

Further buildings, which contribute to this hstorischen atmosphere, are the Korendragerhuisje, the dte pavilions and the city palaces of old friesischer aristocracy sexes. Under any circumstances an inspection of the planetariums pale may not. In this planetarium, the oldest still functioning planetarium of the world, a model true to scale of the solar system is to be visited, which was built between 1774 and 1781 by ice Eisinga. Franeker is today the urban center of a large area, so that you find a rich selection of purchase possibilities.

Stationsbrug Franeker