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Shaded by trees, the characteristic little village of Eastermar is typical of the Fryske Wâlden (Frisian forest) region. The area has got a long-lasting history of poverty, although recent industrialization and growing mobility have caused a significant improvement of the economic situation.

In 1986 Eastermar was awarded by the South-Hollandic government for its innovative village restructuring. This was also made possible by the creative support of the local population. Eastermar is a village with 1500 inhabitants, on the banks of the Lits. Once a river, this waterway now connects two famous Frisian lakes: the Burgumermar and the Leijen.


Eastermar weergeven op een grotere kaart
In the village square of the "trouser holder" keeps for years, since not owned by suspenders, his pants with his hands firmly. The artwork symbolizes poverty, at the time of peat-cutters.

Another theory of W. Postma we find in the book: the got the nickname trouser holder the inhabitants of Eastermar, has virtually nothing to do with poverty or scarcity, but solely with the sails: the trousers are of course the loose fold in mainsail on a Skutsje or a pram, this fold is created when the mainsail is not set quite strak, which did the Torfskipper if they had to sail to and from De Leijen by Eastermar; due to the blind bends and corners, should the skipper but good have vision, so the skipper woman or the sailor had during the passage through Eastermar "pull up pants" which, so the fold under which the skipper had good visibility through the waters, hence the name "Hose holder".

The natural area around Eastermar is a so-called rolling landscape, the pastures are surrounded by wooden walls, which are still intact.

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