Oosterlittens (approximately 400 inhabitants) lies in the midst of the beautiful frisian area de Greidhoeke, with its almost unlimited possibilities for wheel and foot migrations of all art. Oosterlittens is because of the intersection of the channels Franekervaart and Bolswardertrekvaart and enjoys therefore also with friends of the water haven of large popularity.


In Zuidwest Drenthe.

In May 2007 a new riser at the Heechhout at the Franekervaart fur houseboats and engine yachts was built. In the village there are possibilities of renting a kanu. On the village square of Oosterlittens during the two last weeks in June the well-known Iepen Fryske championships Jeu de Pelote ' (impact ball) delivered &a regional public magnet of all first quality and experience-worth pageant.

Grotere kaart Oosterlittens weergeven