Dokkum is a small city in Fryslan Province in the northern Netherlands, an ancient ,friendly place. If you're looking for a destination "off the beaten track" This may be the place. It is one of the "Elfsteden" of Fryslan...and a town where many speak the Frisian language. It is a well preserved /compact place easily explored on foot ... from what I understand late June thru early September is the heavy tourist season.


The Centrum is located within a six pointed star of the Bolwerks, which are labeled by their directions eg. "Zuiderbolwerk" is in Southern part of the star. With canals, windmills,intersting boats ,and a touching Monument to events that involved the townspeople during WW2. It should not be missed. But the avid photographer will find many interesting shots throughout Dokkum. Pick up a Dokkemer Zomerkrant -a newspaper like publication for tourists..(well ,if you arrive in Zomer) ...which will list activities,and includes a nice map of things and provides a walking tour of the town.

Dokkum weergeven op een grotere kaart


Altenabrug Dokkum