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Berlikum was before the dike of a polder of the Middelsee (in 13. eeuw.) was built a fishermen and a commercial village. Today it is center of the "Bouwhoek", where the tulip and transform the landscape in the spring into a multicolored patch carpet.

In the small local history museum of Berlikum "De Grûsert" are issued numerous garden tools from the northwest of Friesland. The characteristic dome church is the center of the village, which forms the most northern point of the Kleiroute.

Between April and Oktober a colony of bats draws its boys up in the roof framing under the dome. After a comprehensive renovation in the year 2000, the church, which is just as worth seeing as the nice village center, can be visited.

BerlikumBerlikumervaart close to Ried (Guestphoto)

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