IJlst - Drylts is one of the eleven Frisian cities, just south of Sneek. The name is derived from the river Ee - Ie, slowing through the town. It was founded when that river flowed southward from the 'Middelzee'. Compared with Sneek IJlst remained a small town, although it was renowned because of its skate-manufacturing company 'Nooitgedacht'. Shipyards abounded in its environment.
The gastronomy in IJlst has mainly settled in the historic and characteristic housings in the center. IJlst is largely protected monument. The center has retained its elongated shape with the distinctive Linden at the "Galamagracht" and the "Eegracht".


This Linden have a specific function, the protection against the sun. If you walk along the "Stads-Ee" along, you may find, especially in summer, as is the pleasant shade of the trees. Witnessed a long history you may be wondering what the typical, lying on the water small gardens serve. Called this so-called "Bleken" or "overtuinen", were formerly used to bleach the laundry.


IJlst weergeven op een grotere kaart

Some dating from the 17th and 18th century facades of captains undHandelshausern testify to a past that was characterized by the shipbuilding and the timber trade. How big was the ship's drive from IJlst in the 17th and 18th century, one can not say exactly today. It is known that, the North Sea and the Baltic Sea cruise from here the European coast on the Atlantic Ocean. To 1800 was the IJlster Type of ship "de cog", the cargo ship of Holland.
After the French period around 1825, this type of ship disappeared from the waters. Today it adorns as a symbol of the coat of arms and the flag of the city IJlst. They also find it back in the flag of the municipality Wymbritseradiel.