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For families with minimum 2 children beneath 14 years age we will offer a special family rate in some weeks on several boats each year.

We have reduced the price, to give families with 2 or more children the chance to spend their holiday on a boat. Please tell us if you make a reservation, that you are a family.

Family weeks/prices in 2022:

08.04. - 15.04.22 15.04. - 22.04.22
07.10. - 14.10.22 14.10. - 21.10.22 21.10. - 28.10.22


Gillissenvlet 950 AK/OK Vlieter 4 Persons 748,00 Euro Family rate
Duetvlet 900 AK Puster 4 Persons 848,00 Euro Family rate
Multivlet 1100 AK Gerbrig 4-6 Persons 1.048,00 Euro Family rate
Simmerskip 1200 AK Passaat 7-9 Persons 1.198,00 Euro Family rate
Please understand that we can't give further deduction with the family rate.


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