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Here you will find a small overview of some useful things that are worth to have on board. What do you take with you anyway, such as clothing, culture, medicine, camera, pens, etc. we have not listed here, there are just some additional things.

Instead of traditional bulky suitcases you should (if any) to use for your luggage bags or (sea) bags, they are easier to store on board.


• Clothes for change
• warm sweater
• Rainproof jacket, although we have almost 365 days of beautiful weather, but ...
• Shoes that don't left stripes on deck (sports hall effect)
• Slippers for below deck are virtually
• Rubber boots or a second pair of shoes
• ...


• Bedding (if not ordered with us)
• Coins for bridge money, power boxes in ports, ...
• in the summer months, insect repellent is useful
• Chocolate as a brain food for any delay on bridges to go through without pressure ...
• Outdoor cushions for the beautiful, but in the long run hard Teak benches ...
• if available Binoculars
• small flashlight (big one is on board)
• Fishing - to bathe worms (fishing license can be purchased from us)
• optionally travel guide
• Pocket knife
• for nature lovers: plant and / or bird book
• CD's, crime thriller, board and card games for in the evening / night ...
•  ...

Cases are not really practically on board

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