Traffic rules waterways Sailing rules :

Together travel safely on the waterways - under this motto, the Dutch Ministry of Transport and Water produced five films, which show very clearly the coexistence of commercial vessels and recreational craft (motor boats, house boats, sailboats, ...) on the Dutch waterways.
We are very sorry, but the movies are only in German and Dutch language.

It is less about traffic rules, but rather the practical and safe travel by boat. Each film has its own focus and takes 2.5 to 6 minutes. They are very well suited as preparation for boating holidays in Holland.

Note: Most pictures were taken on large, wide canals and rivers with extensive professional journey. But the sailing area here in Friesland for our motor yachts presents itself differently.

The routes, which we publish on our website that usually involve only small short sections on which even commercial vessels is underway (eg Prinses Margriet canal). In addition to the tranquility of our suggested trips, this is another advantage of the smaller waterways.

Goed voorbereid op reis

Preparing the travel

The technical check of the boat, equipment check, weather forecasts, trip planning and route, ...
What should I think before dropping?

Rondom Zicht

Visibility around

Topic focus in this film: Always make sure that all around good view, note the other road users, a feature of good seamanship. But even as I am seen, perceived by the other ...

Communicatie, marifoon

Kommunication, radio

Use of a radio device (not on board our boats). For the use of a radio you must have passed an examination. Since the routes and trips we recommend that at least 90% on smaller waterways, include absolutely no rush, a radio here in Friesland is less important and not prescribed.

Samen schutten

How to do in a lock

Tips for the behavior in a lock. Where should you pay attention, lock gear together with commercial shipping, ... A large part of our Itineraries are without locks ... very convenient for beginners.

Plaats op de vaarweg

Position on the waterway

Quite moving commanded, different rules and practice ... boating on the go.

By clicking on an image, then the movie starts in a new window. The necessary software (Windows Media Player) is usually installed on your computer.

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