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welcome to the "News" of Yachtcharter Leeuwarden, here you will find the latest news and updates from our company and watersport in Friesland.

29.10.2018: Newsletter 2019 online

Newsletter 2019 online News from Leeuwarden - Zuiderburen, De Zwemmer 1, 8939 CA Leeuwarden
Newsletter 2019

27.09.2018: Kitchen-Starterset

>27.09.2018: Kitchen-Starterset From today on each boat a kitchen-starterset

28.07.2018: Yesterday on tour Simmerskip 1200 AK, PASSAAT, just cool down before departure:

This movie on YouTube

29.06.2018: Charter Prices 2019 online, early bird discount 10%

Rental Prices 2019
Rental Prices 2019

20.04.2018: Today Duetglider 1500 AK, AALSCHOLVER, left with German men's choir:

Watch this movie on YouTube

19.03.2018: Last week: Aventura 34 AK, EVA on Sneekermeer

Aventura 34 AK, EVA on Sneekermeer Photo: Benjamin (Many thanks for this spectacular photo)

27.02.2018: New Frieslandroute for beginners online

Easy Friesland 2.40

Easy Friesland 2.40

12.02.2018: Newsletter February 2018 online

Newsletter February 2018

Newsletter February

05.02.2018: After the renovation in January, our holiday home in Ijhorst, Overijssel is finished, the result can be seen in the video here:

Watch this video on YouTube

Holiday Home Overijssel

24.01.2018: Here we go! Opening Leeuwarden - Cultural Capital of Europe 2018

Next weekend is the opening event Leeuwarden - Cultural Capital of Europe 2018, all year round there are countless events in Leeuwarden and in various places in Friesland. Combine your boating holiday in Friesland with one (or more) visit(s) of interesting cultural events.

Leeuwarden - Cultural Capital of Europe 2018
Program Leeuwarden 2018 - Cultural Capital of Europe 2018

02.01.2018: Charter boat test AALSCHOLVER in the Watersport magazine SKIPPER / BOOTSHANDEL

In October our AALSCHOLVER was tested by the German Watersport magazine SKIPPER / BOOTSHANDEL, here you can read the test online as PDF, which was published in the January 2018 issue.

Test Duetglider 1500 AK, AALSCHOLVER 2018
Test Duetglider 1500 AK, AALSCHOLVER

19.12.2017: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

04.12.2017: Raffle travel vouchers

Again this season, many guests have filled in our feedback form to help us to improve products and quality. For the help we thank you again this year with travel vouchers. On Saturday, Pien, oldest daughter of our neighbor, has drawn the three winners of a charter voucher for YachtCharter Leeuwarden for the upcoming 2018 season ...

Raffle travel vouchers
Raffle travel vouchers
Raffle travel vouchers

The winners are:

Family Rijgersberg Reeuwijk Netherlands   € 250,00
Family Schumacher Havixbeck Germany   € 200,00
Family van Amerongen Ede Netherlands   € 150,00

Die Gutscheine sind auf dem Postweg zu den glücklichen Gewinnern.

01.12.2017: Newsletter December 2018 online

Newsletter December

Newsletter December

22.11.2017: From 2018 also a holiday home for 6 people in Overijssel on offer

Cottage Overijssel from 2018

Holiday home for 6 persons in 3 bedrooms, situated on a quiet nature park in the province of Overijssel, approx. 1 hour by car from Leeuwarden. The takeover times at this country house correspond with our change times (Monday and Friday). Maybe once interesting in combination with a week's boating holiday in Friesland ...

Holiday Home Overijssel

18.10.2017: Newsletter October Early bird discount till 31.10.17

Early bird discount till 31.10.17

Newsletter October
Newsletter October

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