Additional costs



Besides the costs for renting a boat, you can expect the following expenses.

1. Diesel Upon your return we check how many litres of diesel you have used. You can find the average use per hour per boat with the technical information.
2. Mooring your boat in a marina. The amount you have to pay is measured on the length of your boat (0.80 /1.50 Euro per meter) and the amount of people on board. (in friesland there are about 500 beautiful, different places in nature where you can moor your boat for free, Marrekrite)
3. Bridge money (between 0.80 and 7.50 Euro per bridge or per village (multiple bridges).
4. For your pet we ask 30,00 euro per week
5. The price for cleaning of the boat depends on the length, you find the prices in the price list.

Gillissenvlet Grou

Gillissenvlet 950 AK/Ok in Grou